Entry #5

Art commissions?

2016-10-12 06:51:58 by OrganizedApeShape

Hey George! I just wanted to let anyone who might be interested know that Ill be doing art commissions. No limit to how disgusting you want something, Ill do it. If you have a friends birthday or something coming up, Consider commissioning me to draw a caricature of them eating shit or something. I was thinking 30 dollars for a stand alone drawing inked and shaded, With background 40 dollars. Perhaps a kind of digital birthday card you can send on facebook or skype, If you wanna see what I can do Here is a link to my tumblr, Which I just put togethar the other day. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/james-whoreman I was gonna wait until I finished my next cartoon before I advertised this but I'm out of peas cheese and magic knees.

I can also do animation commissions, 500 dollars for a minute of very limited animation, Sound included. So if you want something you've written made into a cartoon, I'm down as a clown with my frown upsidedown.

Prices are negotiable, And art commissions are guaranteed, So if your not happy with it, You dont have to pay. Only with art commissions though. Contact me Here with a PM or on skype at pacmanic4. Horrible name I know. Ill probably change that eventually.



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2016-10-12 10:34:28


OrganizedApeShape responds:

Care for a rape sir?


2016-10-13 09:47:05

I came.

OrganizedApeShape responds:

tickle of the sickle


2016-10-13 17:23:33

For some reason i thought it'd be a good idea to click on your profile during class. My teacher was behind me, and the very millisecond she turned around and looked at my screen, I clicked off, knowing if she saw this (with my name even on it surprisingly) I'd be in serious trouble. Looking back on this picture though this artwork is absolutely stunning. 10/10 my friend

OrganizedApeShape responds:

We are the very best of friends Georgette.


2016-11-22 15:35:34