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Hey bob! I want to talk about fractals which I've been obsessed with for two years

Richard Dawkins coined the term (Meme) in the floons of Gene You could say that a Meme is a successfully replicated pattern of behaviour like words. Or the handshake.

You might have a version of what you could call (The hey meme) which is... Man. Mate. Bro. Guvnor. Geezer. Nigger. Dude. Bruv. Etc The way I see it is each time you get a replication you get an iteration sometimes you get a mutation which is why there are so many variations.


I have my own version of the Hey meme which started as Bob became George then Liam and is now bob again. Most people I know (IRL) have replicated one of my hey memes depending on which one I used when I met them. So some people call me Bob. Some people call me George. My dad calls me Mcgregor. Which I think is a mutation

I'm an iteration of homo sapien ape. I'm an iteration of an animator. I have an iterated pattern of behaviour and my body in time is iterating and the output is an iterated pattern.
as in animation is an iterated pattern

I breath in I breath out. I eat food I take shits.



my body is made of cells (for the most part) All of my cells decey. My body produces stem cells which become every single cell in my body. They're activated by Their niche cells so they take an input from their niche and the output is an iteration of said niche cell. So in time my body is a pattern similar to itself.
It's likely that I don't understand it fully though.

Here's an MIT lecture on stem cells. 



I think you can explain everything as this concept
I've been visualizing this concept almost everyday for the last two years. I've been wanting to animate it. It was initially part of a cartoon about robots I've been wanting to make 
I tried to get it sponsered by newgrounds while they were doing that space theme thing. I wanted 8 grand they cant give me that though. Tom fulp said something about it having potential to kickstart. I wouldn't know how to go about doing that.
I'd be fine with doing my robot thing and my fractal visual separately though

Here's a clip from a storyboard of my robot thing with very shitty audio. forgive the pseudo particle shit. According to Leonard Susskind you cant visualize quantum mechanics because it supposedly exists in more then three spatial dimensions. And obviously I don't understand quantum mechanics anyway. I think that goes without saying.

I have a previous iteration of the cartoon with lots animated which I might show later. I also would want someone else to voice the narrator.
I have a crazy idea for this which revolves around a square 


Design for Robot Roger

Here's some stuff I've been working on recently


https://youtu.be/0mW1Pj--c9o   https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/5524877e927ee5d7dc6327ec021c387d https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/593a21bc7f507fdb9ac0e9668b8e4fbd

My initial plan for the year was to make a bunch of parodies to appeal to the internet so that i could ask people to give me money. the clip with the tortoise is for a commission for neebs gaming. That shot took me so damn long.

I don't usually like showing my stuff before it's done. Cause I worry that it might fuck with my delayed gratification.
But I've been bursting for an output.
I have a bunch more to talk about on fractals but I don't want to say with words I want to show.

Here's one more example though

Each time a command in a programming language is typed out its an iteration of human hands and an iteration of the pattern of motion behind typing the command. I don't know anything about programming though so that's likely wrong.

If you read my nonsense I appreciate it
I'm retarded

now I'm gonna go and step on a gerbil as I cum



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