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New Back to the future cartoon!

Posted by OrganizedApeShape - June 2nd, 2020

Here new cartoon is! back to future

K so last two years have been mostly hell. I sacrificed my apartment in order to work full time on one of my own projects, I was gonna do the fractal-robot thing if I could get it sponsored by NG but if not I figured I would continue the pattern that I had already started iterating which was making short video game parodies to appeal to the internet. So I started this BTTF thing. But despite not having my cube I had to take on a commission to pay for food and stuff-This-->Neebs gaming Thing I got paid two grand for it, Which isn't too bad normaly taking into account that I live in thailand where stuff is cheap. But it took 8 months not 8 lazy months 8 full months with no life. Because the fuckin' line art took like an hour per frame, give or take. (After I'd finished the roughs) An hour per frame) And since I had already started the BTTF thing with the same line art style before I started the commission. I had to keep going with the same line art style which is completely impractical on top of full animation which is already impractical. To be consistent so it's taken me waaay longer than ever before to make this stuff. the BTTF parody took me like 11months of work and on both these projects I had many mental breakdowns and my eyebags are so intense now. So right now I just want to get work so I can get money So I can get my apartment back. My mental health before I even started these projects was real bad. But spending this much time infront of a computer ontop of so many limited platforms of having done so already without enough money for basic essentials was fucked!

Next personal project I wanna do the fractal visual.

I feel a bit bad cuz I asked ninja muffin to do a jingle for the BTTF thing and he did, But what he did didn't fit. And he said he'd redo it but has not gotten around to it, But I need to shed this project. This project couldn't have ended soon enough. But I'll wait to upload to youtube incase ninja muffin wants to do the jingle cuz on NG I can replace the file. I asked for permission to use aflixion's BTTF piano cover Like 5 days ago. But he hasn't responded and I doubt he will this always happens. Last time the guy responded way after I published the thing and was very happy about it. But it makes me sooo anxious.