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Posted by OrganizedApeShape - August 9th, 2021

iu_382477_2689205.webpiu_382478_2689205.webpWost tests Hey these are Some Wosts from Prev year...

The equations are more refined now in more recent Wost stuff. These are older except the two cam pics The clean up on the last one was done in January (I think... I think there is some sense In more recent ones... We'll see...The stress energy tensor related to. Part of. But I don't have all the inputs which was deliberate. Long story... This picture is recent I look like a douche in the pic but I'm only tired. I am a psycho. Been thinking about a binary language to talk about magnetic fields. The maths written on the pic where With the Chromosomes <- Not sure if the correct spelling) DNA config drawings. I'm assuming that Chromosomes are DNA molecules on a larger scale. Not sure tho.

Edit: I was pretty out of it when I posted this :p


Posted by OrganizedApeShape - May 6th, 2021



Posted by OrganizedApeShape - February 28th, 2021



Posted by OrganizedApeShape - February 24th, 2021

I think..... Fuck you. It's my OCD imposter phobia OCD is chaos theory (I think) I hate bullshit. Everybody is full of shit to the brim tho. It's much more complex then that. I don't yellow know. intrusive thoughts are fractal sets. I didn't know what a fractal was when I noticed after going around the obsessive compulsive block enough times that OCD is always conceptually the same but the form is different. Same with animation. DIF-SAME binary language describing a fractal which is infinitely limited. I don't wanna talk the talk tho I feel stupid when ever I talk any talk. Which is good. Whatever. If anybody reads this please bother the shit out of tom Fulp to give my front page news post thing back! And promote my BTTF thing... Fat people some times eat flakes. I never wanted to talk about having OCD. It's kinda my business but whatever.... This is kind of a half assed explanation. I didn't initially know about chaos theory when I started understanding how OCD worked which is chaos theory. I kept It to myself cuz I thought I'd realised something knew. I don't want inputs cuz I like to see what I can come up with by following the fractals. Enough bullshit talk the fat ugly stupid talk. Talking the talk is for fat people. Don't take me at face value. I'm inherently biased. hakuna mattata doesn't mean no worries.

Posted by OrganizedApeShape - February 7th, 2021

Have you guys seen the most recent roil road these last 40 daysOday? The answer -We're/We've- all been waiting for

Posted by OrganizedApeShape - January 30th, 2021

WTF! I'm not able to make a front page post now!? WHAT!? SICK!

Spirit science is almost as cool as child molesters!

Posted by OrganizedApeShape - January 13th, 2021

Anybody want a porn loop or an animated logo or something?

Contact: organizedapeshape@gmail.com

If anyone who has attention on the internet wants to give me some. like tweet some of my stuff... I would like that!

I think I'll be able to get work easier with more attention on twitter or whatever. I deserve more.



Posted by OrganizedApeShape - January 11th, 2021

Hey man one, man 4! Wanna send me some? There were)))

Anyone wanna hire me todo logos? Or porn loops? Email me at: organizedapeshape@gmail.com If anyone with attention online wants to give me some free publicity... like tweet my cartoons on twitter, I would like it.


Posted by OrganizedApeShape - December 21st, 2020

Hey! I want more attention online! The promotion game is gay I just wanna win it so I can get more work ((easily)) I'm open for porn loops. Contact: organizedapeshape@gmail.com

Chilla commissioned me for this one.

Also see this - Old Deer animation - If you have attention online do me a favor and send people to my stuff.

I use a tablet that isn't broken now. I used a broken faulty Wacom tablet for the neebs gaming commission and the BTTF thing. I prolly wont buy a Wacom again. Fuck a child!iu_211816_2689205.gif


Posted by OrganizedApeShape - December 5th, 2020

I like Asterix. I'm thinking I'll do porn loops for 120 bucks for a bit, So if you are in the want Let me know. 120 As long as there are no more than two characters. ( and it's only a loop ) I need to make 5 or 6 hundred bucks a month for my basic stuff. And porn loops will prolly help me gain publicity. I'm working on a longer than average porn animation RN which is taking a bit (Floor) longer than I'd like. But it's a kinda cool one. I'm studying too which is one of the reasons it's taking long. (Anyone know anyone who can get me into contact with like porn websites that hire for this kind of stuff?

or If you know a site I should be promoting myself on that's good for getting porn commissions Pls lemme know

- AsterixFan0235741

Fuck Ross Bollinger BTW! <Fired me.